2018 has been certainly the most productive year for Veerus.
The Track “Heavy” (out on Sam Paganini’s JAM in August), has been on the Beatport podium
for more than 2 months, becoming one of the 10 best-selling techno tracks on Beatport
after only 5 months

Alesis is a rising female dj and producer. She started her career a few years ago
as a free lance in several clubs of North Italy.
Roberto Carisdeo aka ROBPM, born in 1978 under the spires of fashionable Milan. ?
His passion for music raises with him and in 1996 he decides to enter in the amazing
world of djing.
Maxie Devine, half of Veerus & Maxie Devine duo has been providing high quality electronic
dance music to clubs from all over the planet.
T78 is a 40 years old dj/producer from Italy who moved his first steps into the techno scene in
the early 2016 by founding the label Autektone records.